Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Interview with Chad Descoteaux author of The Inter-Terrestrial

Welcome Chad, tell us a little about yourself  

My name is Chad Descoteaux.  I am an indie sci-fi author from Rhode Island who has written seven sci-fi books.  They are available on the Amazon Kindle, paperback on Amazon and Smashwords.

7 books that quite an accomplishment.  What got you into writing, Chad? 

 Loving to read when I was a kid and wanting to share the ideas that I had.  I would have to say that Bruce Coville's 'My Teacher is an Alien' series was a BIG influence.

I remember reading that book when I was younger.  I am a big sci-fi fan.  Which do you prefer: print books or ebooks?  

Ebooks, but only because my eyes are bad.  I had retina surgery after a bad fall back in 2008 and I have to blow print up before I can read.

That's too bad.  I am glad the technology exists so that you can continue reading.  If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why? 

I would go to Hollywood (in an old Studebaker driven by a bear) and try to break into screenwriting.  I have read books on it and I have software that helped me to learn the format.

Maybe someday you'll get to write the screenplay to one of your novels.  Currently, what are you working on? 

 I am working on a sequel to my book WORKING-CLASS SUPERHEROES, which is a superhero novel that satirizes the genre.  The sequel, GOVERNMENT-SANCTIONED SUPERHEROES, explores how superheroes can operate in a world where (like real-life) vigilantism is against the law.

How did you decide on what to title each book?  

I just try to come up with a something that says a lot about the book, but is also catchy.  My wife helped me come up with the title for THE INTER-TERRESTRIAL, which is infinitely better than ALIEN BOY, the original title.

I find it's always nice to get a second or third opinion on a book title.  Is this a stand-alone novel or part of a series?

  All of the books that I have published will eventually be part of a trilogy when I can get around to writing them...except for VEGANARCHY, which is a standalone dystopian novel.

Who designed the artwork for your cover?  

I do most of the covers myself, except for THE INTER-TERRESTRIAL and THE EXOSKELETON CHRONICLES.  With THE INTER-TERRESTRIAL, I hated the cover that I made for it, so I did what most indie authors do and found an online service, where I found the perfect one for that story.  And EXOSKELETON's cover was drawn by a friend of mine.

Yes I have to go outside for mine as well, I just don't have that talent.  What brought about the idea for your book?

 With WORKING-CLASS SUPERHEROES, it was a love of superhero comics and cartoons that made me want to write a story where the superheroes were just poker buddies, instead of this organized team like the Avengers or X-Men.  And then one of them says something that the other superheroes find suspicious, which fuels the mystery plot.  With THE EXOSKELETON CHRONICLES, I thought about a friend of mine who is a pest control worker and imagined him having a bad day at work (being attacked by giant insects).  The part about him being autistic came later when I started researching my own mental health and used some of that in the story.  THE TATTLER came from me realizing how political different news outlets are, instead of just telling people what's happening in the world.  So, I imagined a tabloid newspaper that reports on aliens and Big Foot, but they are the most reputable news source, because all that stuff is true and they're non-political.  Journalists vs. aliens.

What are your hobbies aside from writing, if any? 

 I'm a big movie geek.  I joke that my books are movies that I don't have $300 million to actually make.

Which is your favorite book?

 THE INTER-TERRESTRIAL, because of its strong anti-racism message and characters I am very proud of, including a samurai nun.  This book has a sequel and the third one will focus on said nun.

A samurai nun?  Sounds interesting.  I love unique characters.  Any last words? 

 I believe that even the most "out there" story can be "down to earth" if the main character is relatable.  That allows the reader to go along with this person that they've connected with on their amazing journey.  I experiment with this formula in all my work, trying to bring the most fantastic sci-fi ideas down to earth.  I hope people will check out Turtle Rocket Books (.com) and join me on this adventure.

Thanks for sharing.  Be sure to check out Chad and more of his books at the sites below.  Happy Reading!!


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