Monday, December 10, 2018

A Time for Vengeance

If your looking for a good YA book to add to a teen's kindle this Christmas. Try out A Time for Vengeance by Nathaniel Wyckoff. A new release I just had the pleasure of reading.

Simon Mendez has an anger problem, and he’s about to unleash his fury on the Spanish Inquisition.
The Mendez family is on top of the world. An upper-class family in 17th century Spain, they live a secret life – outwardly Catholic by all accounts, but desperately worried that, someday, someone will discover the Jewish traditions that they practice behind closed doors.
Everything comes crashing down when the Inquisition arrests Simon's father. Incensed, Simon must retaliate with everything he’s got. With his father set to be burned at the stake and a sadistic hometown eager to see it happen, Simon has no time to lose. It will take his sharp wit, brutal weapons and raw courage to strike back hard at the Inquisition - before it’s too late.

The first in the series, I gave the book 4 out of 5 Stars.
A time for vengeance is the first book in Nathaniel's new series. It follow's the life of Simon Mendez and his family. Being Jewish in Spain is a death sentence. Simon and his family must hide their beliefs from those around them. When Simon's father is accused of being holding secret Jewish classes, Simon's world is turned upside down, leaving the rest of his family homeless and in hiding. Simon must figure out how to take care of his family, while trying desperately to save his father as he weighs the importance of being true to himself. Definitely one to add to the kindle.

I'm looking forward to the coming adventure's of Simon. Give A Time for Vengeance a try and let me know what you thought.  Happy Reading!!

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