Thursday, June 16, 2022

Summer Reading List part 2

Here's some other great books to try out this summer. If your kids are anything like my kids, they go through books fast. So check out some of these exciting reads.  

Susie has a heart of gold, a set of bad dreams, and a hidden destiny.

Six months ago, Susie’s father went to work and never returned, leaving Susie to her hobby of chasing away nannies. That is, until the mysterious and glamorous Cassandra roars into her life, driving a red sports car and promising to be the best of friends.

When Susie stumbles on her father’s secret lair, a world of magic, ghosts, and mysteries beckons. Can she discover the truth, avoid being expelled from school, and keep a ruthless secret society off her back?

If she's to have a ghost of a chance, she'll need the help of her best friends, one grumpy cat, and a whole lot of daring.


Freya's family is wonderful. Just not to her. After all, her older sister loves to talk about "pulling a Freya" - a term for any mistake she makes, her younger sister publicly reads from Freya's diary without ever getting reprimanded, and her parents hardly take notice of her. But that is all about to change when her father, Denmark's renowned Viking archaeologist, asks her to hide a precious artifact where no one will find it. Freya jumps at the chance to prove her worth and suddenly discovers herself transported to a magical forest where she comes face to face with not only real Vikings, but a clan of sprites and a Berserk as well. In search of a way home, Freya unearths a realm of adventure and a path to greatness she is sure her family will revere.

Ava Marie Jones is a Lost One. A magite sent out at birth to the mortal realm, no knowledge of who she is or her powers, until she's called home to Xarcadia on her thirteenth birthday.

The magites who call this "underworld" home live under the strict dictates of The Registry-and Ava will have to do the same. That starts with enrolling in Linhollow Academy for the Supernaturally Gifted.

A target is placed on her back once it's discovered Ava's the only magite since The Registry's inception to not be tagged or able to be tagged in its omniscient system. Powerful magites fear what this could mean and view her as a threat to a way of life that has kept their "underworld" safe for three hundred years.

With all eyes on her, including two oversized shadows from The Registry watching her every move, Ava must toe the line as Resistance Riders, kelpies, near-death experiences, and other dangers follow her everywhere.

In this new world where she shows incredible promise in her craft, Ava will learn that getting to the bottom of her unexplained existence will take her down a perilous path where a dark secret lurks-one dangerous enough to disrupt the entire order of The Registry and jeopardize her life and the lives of her new friends.

Fall in love with this new series from debut fantasy author, Ashley White. For fans of J. K. Rowling and Rick Riordan, The Impossible Girl will be the perfect novel to add to your collection.

Welcome to the Moonwell Academy: a school full of magic and misadventure!

Two of the academy's best students, Fritz and Ada, can't ignore the chance to use their skills to save a classmate from a bully. But he's not the only stray they'll be picking up.

When they rescue a magical hare from the clutches of a trapper, they discover there are many more animals in desperate need of their help. The mission leads them to a house deep in a moonlit forest, where all of their magical talents will be tested.

The trapper is determined to rid the world of magical animals, and they'll need to work as a team to free all of the imprisoned creatures while evading capture themselves.


The books that have got hundreds of reluctant readers reading, and loving it!

It's fractured fairy tales meets the Ancient Greek legends in this hysterical collection of rollicking classic tales in an easy to read, fun, ‘dip in, dip out’ format.

Every story guaranteed to include:

  • Monsters
  • Adventure
  • Jokes
  • Pictures
  • More Jokes

With giants, magic, monsters (including Medusa, Cyclops and the Minotaur), adventure, comedy, jokes, silliness and everything that appeals to 8 to 13 year olds, this funny fast paced, comical retelling of the classic myths is a book kids will love and makes a perfect reading present.
Collect the whole series now!

A percentage of all sales of this book go to Book Aid International- helping raise people out of poverty through education.


Dedicated to children everywhere! A collection of children's stories by Pamela R Winnick.

A fast-paced fantasy adventure for 8-12 years old boys and girls.

Snowy is a tiny dwarf leading an almost normal life in the village of never-ending winter. Aside from the ever-dreary sky, living next to rowdy neighbors, and being treated like a child, nothing seems to pose a challenge.

All that changes when rumors about Snowy breaking a taboo spread. Disheartened at what he deemed betrayal and feeling stuck in his village, Snowy sneaks out to look for Originem, a village where misfortune befalls no one. However, the aftermath exceeds his wildest expectations.

Snowy finds himself in a magical world, suddenly dealing with the quaintest of things, from singing fruits and a wizard cat to dark woods (brimming with vicious beasts) and other villages locked in one season. But to reach his destination, Snowy, and his new friend, Kokoro, must first solve the mysteries surrounding the villages of everlasting seasons, as the secret that connects them may threaten their very existence.


Twelve-year-old Richard Tomlin has almost given up on finding his dad. Instead, he focuses all of his energy on being the youngest swimmer ever on his team to qualify for Junior Olympics.

But everything changes when his new goggles transport him to the Lost City of Atlantis!

Confronting shapeshifters and dark magical forces, Richard channels his inner science geek and the power of positive thinking to stay alive. As he struggles to tame the magic of his goggles, his strong-willed twin, Lucy, finds a way to join him under the sea, and the siblings are thrust into the War of Generations.

To win the war--and save the planet--Richard must embrace his role in an ancient prophecy. Problem is, the prophecy appears to predict his own death. So what's a warrior to do?


Whales and dolphins are falling ill all throughout the Atlantic Ocean! Cherish and her family of Pilot Whales have been fleeing as far from other animals as possible, but some of them have begun to show symptoms. When danger closes in from all around them, will the Dolphin Riders make it in time to save the day?

Meet thirteen-year-old Mary Finch – a bold, determined heroine, and the star of a stylish new detective series. Perfect for fans of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle and classic crime fiction.

Mary Finch and the Thief is the first in the Mary Finch Mystery series. It is 1893 and Mary Finch finds herself on the gritty and violent streets of Victorian London trying to clear her name.

When wrongfully accused of theft, Mary Finch is determined to track down the thief and prove her innocence. Her journey takes her from Baker Street, where her friends, the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, live, to the dark and dangerous East End of London. On her trail are the suspicious Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard, the evil butler of her employer, a mysterious gentleman who is not what he appears to be and a ruthless killer. Mary must hurry to find the truth before she is arrested and sent to jail.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

New Review

It's always nice to hear when someone appreciates reading one of your books.  Check out a new review just published on Bookbub.  And if you haven't read Sunwalker give it a try.  If you have or you've read any of my books please leave a review, on Amazon, Bookbub, Goodreads, or Barnes & Noble.  Really anywhere is fantastic.

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Title Reveal

The third and final book in The Keeper Archives Series is almost complete.  Beta readers have finished reviewing the manuscript and I'm sending it off to the editor!! Hopefully soon I'll have a release date and a cover reveal. Today though, I am ready to announce the title of book 3.....

The Final Stand

The Keeper Archives Book 3

It's so exciting to see another series complete and hope you all enjoy the series as much as I do.

There's still time to catch up on books 1 and 2 before the final book comes out.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Author Award

 So I'm in a new author program and they are having a contest for a new award. If you have a moment take the time and vote for me.

S. T. Sanchez

Vote Here

Thanks for your support!

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Middle Grade Fantasy Summer Reading List

 So if you're anything like me then you don't want your kids spending all summer on screens.  I'm always looking for good books for them and myself to read.

So here's my top picks for fantasy books this summer.

Despite their heroic deeds, the refugees from the portal have not found a welcoming home in Rastella. Instead, the kingdom teeters on the brink of disaster as Ajax is desperate to rescue his friends who have been captured by the paranoid king, driven by fear. Meanwhile, in another realm, Striker is preparing his army of elf warriors to carry out his plans of obtaining power and revenge as they pursue the secret of the realms. With danger mounting and new enemies appearing, time is running out for Ajax and his friends. His developing power might be the key to saving the kingdom, but can he wield it in order to save those he holds most dear, or will his own magic become his undoing?

The first book in the Ghosts of Shady Ly series, The Glaring arc, RATTERS sees the start of the cat's rise against humans.

Dust is a Ratter, a cat bred and raised in the Ratevict Laboratory. His only purpose is to control vermin in human industrial buildings. He has never seen the outside world, and as he was trained to hunt mechanical Ratbots, he has never met a real rat.

Now Dust has been taken to The Boxes, a vast and shadowy human place, where he meets eight other Ratters; an inquisitive group of cats willing to share their incredible kittenhood tales and hazy fragments of memory. So, when Dust remembers his own lost mother, he's easily convinced that his haunting dreams of her are real and showing him how to escape.

keen to explore their new home, the Ratters discover boxes after boxes behind doors and inside boxes, many humans and their curious objects, an organised and intelligent group of rats and an old tom cat through a hole in the wall. And as every new encounter provides more compelling evidence that The Outside must be real, the set about planning their escape. But is the shifty rat leader telling the truth? is the cat in the hole crazy? And do they really have evidence that The Outside exists, or just hope?

Then, as their plans for escape are foiled by the observant humans, Dust's only remaining hope is to follow his haunting dreams. But when this leads to tragedy, he finds himself in a race against time to get every cat out of The Boxes.


Harley will do anything to keep his new pal safe. But a hungry dragon needs to eat. And the government is hot on their tail.

Harley Maegher’s seen E.T. and knows what the government will do to mythical creatures. There’s no way he’s about to let his new-found friend fall into the hands of an NSA agent. When the dragon starts setting fires and eating livestock, the choice may be taken from him.

Steria is only interested in filling her tummy and spending time with Harley and his friends. After all, they’re the ones who woke her and called her from her egg. When the agent tries to capture her, she’s confined to the farm where she’s safe but without sufficient food. She’ll do anything to protect herself and Harley, even if it means she’ll go hungry.

An Unexpected Adventure is the fun first book in the middle grade fantasy Myth Coast Adventures trilogy. If you like clean entertainment full of adventure and mischief, then you’ll love Kandi J Wyatt’s unique trilogy.


My Dearest Word Wooer,

Look no further.

You have chosen well!

What lies before you is a book full of wonder and excitement!

May I present to you the incredible, one of a kind, steampunk portal fantasy, The Dark Unicorn, book one in the Neverwood series praised as, "Narnia, Wonderland, and Oz, all wrapped up in a future Lemony Snickit-ish laugh out loud classic.”

Here's what you'll discover ...

The Mulberry Mansion harbors more than one peculiar mystery. Vintage circus freak decor, oddly decorated bed chambers, and sensational sandwiches are just the beginning of the phenomena. Deep within the attic, twelve-year-old Cloette and her brother, Rocco, discover a twisted glowing blanket fort magically hovering, luring them to enter. From within, they uncover the "Ticklish Tome", an enchanted ticklish book that sucks them away into the eerie realm of Neverwood.

The remarkable land is under an unusual incantation from the wildly wicked Wretched Harridan and is in need of help only the siblings can provide. But the reluctant heroes doubt their abilities to help against such a devilish fearsome foe. With their one chance to break the spell quickly approaching, the race against time is quickly vanishing.

Will Cloette and Rocco discover their own powers in order to save the enchanted realm of Neverwood?

Can they rescue Prism, the most magical dark unicorn in existence?

Will they have any hope of ever returning home?

Will they ever taste sensational sandwiches ever again?


The magical world teeters on the brink of collapse. The Dragon King, Celebrant, has united the dragons into a vengeful army, and only a final artifact stands in the way of them unleashing their fury against humankind. With established allegiances shifting under the strain, Seth and Kendra find themselves in desperate need of new allies.

Seth must face his most dangerous quest—the fulfillment of his pledge to the Singing Sisters. With only Calvin the Tiny Hero at his side, Seth needs to collect the pieces of the Ethergem, including the stones from the crowns of the Dragon King, the Giant Queen, and the Demon King.

Halfway across the world, Kendra finds herself torn between her duty to Dragonwatch and her desire to rescue Bracken. Can she challenge Ronodin's control of the fairy realm without leaving the five legendary dragon slayers to be hunted by Celebrant and his sons?

Left behind at Titan Valley, Knox and Tess must survive the aftermath of the Giant Queen's fall. Will the secret crown in Knox's possession prove too much for him to handle?

In this fifth and final volume of Dragonwatch, our heroes make their last stand at the hidden Kingdom of Selona. For the defenders of light to stand a chance, the legendary dragon slayers must arise, lost secrets must be uncovered, and ancient powers must awaken. Get ready for the gripping, revelatory, and unforeseen conclusion to the epic ten-volume New York Times best-selling Fablehaven and Dragonwatch series.


“Ever ridden a dragon? You’re about to, so hold on tight! Dragon’s Future is quite the ride!” ~Ridley Pearson, #1 New York Times bestselling author

Trapped in a boring life, Carryl longs for something different. With the death of a dragon rider, she realizes her dream of becoming a rider herself. But first she must save the despondent dragon’s life.

Ruskya has settled into his new role as a dragon rider. A sinister rider has attacked the colony. The fate of all that Ruskya holds dear lies in his hands.

Ruskya and Carryl step into leadership roles to defend the colony and their village. Now they battle dragons and their own insecurities. They’ll need the courage of a dragon to defeat their enemies or die tying.

Dragon’s Future is the fabulous first book in the coming of age fantasy series Dragon Courage. If you like enticing worlds, captivating stories, and a new twist on dragon lore, you’ll love Kandi J Wyatt’s fantastic series.



It better be! Or you'll be headed to The Children's Horrible House!

Sounds terrifying, right? I assure it, it is!!! ... not ... "that" ... "terrifying". Unless you're scared by untidy rooms, howling monsters, and night gardening ghosts who float around planting questionable flowers for mysterious uses. If that doesn't curl your nose hairs, what if I told you that The Children's Horrible House is the first book in series where you'll discover a silly spooky story with surprises around every corner?

Ever wonder what happens to kids who refuse to make their beds and clean their rooms?

You're not alone ... Holly Spinatsch, a curious and rebellious tomboy, found out when she was whisked away to The Children’s Horrible House. On the bumpy bus ride, she meets Coriander, a determined lad on a quest for treasure. In Holly's search for kinship in this haunted jail-like mansion, she discovers a mystery lurking and breathing, crying out for discovery. However, when she and her friends attempt to solve the mystery, they uncover a secret that goes beyond space and time. During the children's stay, they learn about fascinating subjects like astronomy, meteorology, horticulture, Native American Folklore, the Farmer's Almanac, and even how to plant by the moon's lunar cycles. With their new found knowledge, the kids use these advanced STEM sciences to guide them in an attempt to solve who and what is haunting The Children's Horrible House.

DO YOU have what it takes to survive The Children's Horrible House?

When a group of nerds stumble through a portal to a dangerous realm, will they emerge the saviors of a kingdom hurtling to its doom?

Halloween night had been good for seventh grader Kevin Martinez and his Fortnite addicted pals. Kevin's crush had joined them for trick or treating, and they had scored tons of candy. But the fun is short-lived when they are bullied into entering the 'House on Crimson Street'—an abandoned house whose previous owners vanished without a trace.

Inside, Kevin and his bully tormentor are transported into the world of Derathiel; a realm gripped by apocalyptic war. Leading the carnage is a dark knight named Raven, whose forces transform their victims into petrified wood-like zombies. He's ravaging and swelling his army, his fury spreading like plague... His goal, unknown...

But there is hope, in the form of a young knight with a flaming sword named Jey, who befriends Kevin and his friends. He bids them to find the Weapons of the Fallen Gods: magical weapons who gift their wielders powers not seen in a millennia, before Raven consumes Derathiel and moves onto Kevin's own Colorado town.

But when the 'chosen one' turns out to be anything but, the friends are left with more questions than answers, and the fate of two worlds riding on their shoulders...

Book one in the 'Crimson Knights' saga is a thrilling tale that will keep you guessing till the very end and leave you craving for book 2!


Briana, Princess of Predonia, has lived a happy and sheltered life. Then, in a single night, her kingdom is overthrown and centuries of peace are abruptly shattered. Fleeing for her life as her kingdom burns, Brie is rescued by Flinton, Derek, and Kove, three powerful protectors who pledge to teach her how to fight and use the magic that has awakened within her.

Brie finds sanctuary in the mountain stronghold of the Blameless, people who receive magical gifts from the gods after performing acts of unparalleled selflessness. Among them, Brie’s grieving heart slowly learns to live and laugh again. With the help of her new friends, she strives to master her growing powers so she can avenge her family, take back her place as the rightful heir to the throne, and free her people from the clutches of a tyrant. 

But can one girl change the tides against an evil that has conquered an entire kingdom? 


The biggest secret in Earth’s history is that everything is intelligent.  Humans, animals, plants… even the deceased.  Ancient magic kept the species from talking to one another… until a dog suddenly spoke up and asked his owner to help save the world.

Any other kid would have been thrilled to have a talking greyhound as a pet or to be recruited by a dead girl to stop an abomination from devouring the souls of his city.  But thirteen-year-old Piers Davies of Summerday had bullies to avoid, a mother to take care of and a thousand other reasons to stay out of trouble.  Nevertheless, the teenager soon found himself neck-deep in fairies, ghosts and bickering animals, most of whom considered him the sole ambassador of a species previously unknown for their intelligence - the humans.

The Ghost and the Greyhound is a harrowing adventure about tragedy, friendship, and coming-of-age in a diverse world.  The Summerday Saga starts here!


Monday, May 16, 2022

Anniversary of Sunwalker

So in celebration of the anniversary of releasing my first book Sunwalker, I've updated my cover. Here it is for those who haven't seen it and I've decided to give away a free story. It's a side story about a character in Sunwalker. I hope you enjoy it. See below to read Sage: A Sunwalker Story.

"...pulled me right in, and I wanted to keep reading all night." B.

"I find myself thinking about the characters and wanting to know what they're up to now. Can't wait for the sequel." T. Bean

Lilly is a sunwalker—a vampire born from human parents, able to walk in the daylight. She lives life as human, hiding her true identity from all those around her.

One evening, she comes to the rescue of her best friend, Lex, as a vampire is about to make a meal out of her. Lilly is drawn to him, despite her desire to loathe him for almost murdering Lex, as he is the first of her kind she has ever met.

As the vampire, Tread begins to open Lilly's eyes to a world she has never known, Lilly must decide where she belongs.

After she is betrayed by the person she loves most, Lilly is forced to submerge herself entirely in the vampire world, only to discover that Tread has a secret so shocking it could destroy them all.


Sage: A Sunwalker Story