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Nightwalker Book 2 of the Sunwalker Trilogy---Release Date--Spring 2018 
   It’s now three months since Lilly saved Tread and killed the psycho vampire Lord Steel, the leader of a sinister vampire community that enslaved humans and forced them to give blood.
   Now Tread is slowly recovering from the terrible wound he received, but there are other problems to contend with. The city is slowly emptying of humans who don’t want to live alongside the vampires and donate blood to keep them sustained.
  When Tread’s old friends Koyt turns up one day, along with two vampire friends, Lilly’s father recognizes him as one of his torturers and is enraged that he has been allowed to enter the city. But Koyt says he is a different vampire now and wants a second chance.
   His opportunity arises when a deadly plague sweeps through the city and threatens to wipe out the humans. The only chance is a cure, in the hands of Lilly’s friend Ryan. And the only chance of getting it safely to the humans who need it is Koyt.
But can Lilly trust him to do the right thing? Can Koyt live up to his word, proving that he isn’t the monster he once was? And will Lilly and Tread’s relationship survive it if he doesn’t?

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